You may of noticed, a few months ago I wrote on this forum saying that I'd be making a distribution of BackTrack built on Ubuntu.

This means, all the tools of BackTrack, on Ubuntu.

However, ran into quite a few problems, including having to recreate my distribution from a clean install of Ubuntu 8 times.

I have recently begun on the path of packaging each of the tools featured on the BackTrack Tool List into .deb format.

I have gotten about 50% of the tools into .deb packages.
(This includes ones I've made & those that I have found in other repositories)

Ended up having too much work to do, and it seems that BackTrack 4 has beat me to the punch!

(guess that's the advantage of having more than one person working on a distribution, more things get done, faster!)

Is that right? Or would the BackTrack team like any of my precompiled .deb, to save them a little hassle?

It's not that I've completely given up on my distribution, but I don't see the need to create the other half of Debian packages, if they have already been packaged for me.

So, since I like helping Linux communties, I will offer you all work with the creation/gathering of .deb packages that I have acquired in my mission to "port BackTrack to Ubuntu".

I haven't had a chance to go through the BackTrack Debian repository yet, so I don't know if you have already done this.

Please tell me if you are interested (not via PM, but as reply to this thread).

Warmest regards,