hello i am the owner of an hp dv 2000 laptop and i installed the bt4 beta to it (everything else i had on it was garbage) however, lilo is displaying nothing but the number 07 no matter how i install it. i used some tools i have laying around and discovered when i try a single L in the boot manager . all i could find on a single L is at wikipeda and apparently has something to dowith bios. ive tried installing lilo using modiied lilo.confs froma slax boot. same problem. i wondr if my bios is not compatible with lilo at all and i have to figure out how to use grub with lilo ( this computer refuses to boot fedora for example)

id post more information but i really dont know how to extract this kinda of information in the meantime, im working in getting grub on the machine, ill post back more information if this works or not.