I'm using the passphrase.db that came with the latest SVN of aircrack-ng.
Aircrack-ng is generating the following error message when reading from a db that I've added a ESSID to: "Quitting aircrack-ng..." error message. I read the wiki and verified that the only characters in the essid.tmp that I'm importing from is my essid.

I'm unable to successfully add an ESSID from a file that I creating using the following commands:

airolib-ng passphrase.db --import essid essid.tmp
Reading file...

airolib-ng passphrase.db --batch

All ESSID processed.

airolib-ng passphrase.db --stat

ESSID Priority Done.
myessid 64 100.0

My problem is, when I run:
aircrack-ng -r passphrase.db mycap.cap
and pick my myessid:

Opening mycap.cap
Read 2515 Packets.

# BSSID ESSID Encryption

1 00:12:34:56:78:90 myessid WPA (1 Handshake)

Aircrack-ng ends, just like in the WIKI "Quitting aircrack-ng..." error message.

My "myessid" has exactly the same characters, but fails every time. I verified several times that the only characters in the essid.tmp file are myessid (no spaces or special characters). I can run aircrack-ng using a plain ascii dictionary no problem on the same cap file.