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Thread: BT4 for BETA OR ALPHA

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    Quote Originally Posted by pureh@te View Post
    I'm with you guys, I'm completely astounded at over half of the backtrack communities comments in regards to the beta. I just cant believe that our community acts like a bunch of windows using spoiled brats. OH well! Backtrack is moving forward and you can either quit bitching and contribute or get off the F**king bus.
    Well said Mr H@te! I, for one, come from a debian background, so I'm doing backflips (well, at least in my head) about BT4 going that route. Really, apt-get isn't exactly the hardest command in the world to use . For BT3, I had to learn the quirks of slackware. It wasn't difficult, just took some time and patience. So, for all the naysayers...just take your time and have patience. After all, you may end up actually "LEARNING" something new!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cybrsnpr View Post
    After all, you may end up actually "LEARNING" something new!
    What?! You bite your tongue, don't you know that learning is blasphemy!!!

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    Nothing better than a professional using outdated vulnerable software to check for vulnerable software. That's like a doctor using a stone axe to open your chest to preform heart surgery.
    We all run backtrack as root, don't we? That's robably not very secure but it sure makes pentesting a lot easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KMDave View Post
    Sorry but I think if you can't figure out the small issues BT has and you don't know anything about linux, BT isn't definately the thing to use for you.

    It is not an OS which will make you become a l33t hax0r with all it's automated tools.
    If people don't even know what to do if for example an error states "no space left on device" I am wondering how they want to deal with more serious issues.

    I am not disrepecting noobs nor making fun of them. Just the ones who think they will become hackers or pentesters by just using the distro and not knowing anything about Linux.

    No not me nor anyone else knows everything and we are all constantly learning. But if you are missing even the most basic stuff, you have no business in using BT.

    As mentioned before start to learn about Linux, build your own Linux from scratch in order to learn more about it, learn about networking, the protocols and so on, then start to get into BT. Else it is like putting a kid into a toy shop and expect them to learn about financial stuff.
    I completely agree, all facts, well said!

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    Default My Response

    okay so much noise about a simple criticism.

    Let me start by commenting on

    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowKill View Post
    I don't know what to say about this..... I'm backing away before my temper gets the better of me.
    dude you being a Senior should know that this is really not a constructive comment to [BT4 ? alpha : beta]

    Quote Originally Posted by secure_it View Post
    napoleon0di0bonaparte I am sure you don't know the meaning of beta,alpha,RC,pre-release better not to use it and if you have that much problem with BT.stick with another distro and as told 1000 times.BT is not developed for n00bs.
    I think you need to re-read you software release cycle here is a place to start

    I hope the will help

    Then my dear friend thunderwing; I hope that okay calling you a friend but if you look and the download stats vs the security experts clearly you will know noobs are the ones bumping it up. Any way BT has become the big thing among the SEC pros and I just hated seeing these dedicated developer falling asleep of this wonderful tool and thought some criticism would help.

    I mean hey BT was like the fleg ship for aircrack and hey it was the first time i got unicornscan to work if it was not for BT4 so yes I know the new stuff all I was commenting on was trying to make sure BT4 final is not just a release because its that time of the year. NO

    and then the FREE comment. My apologies. But then again free or not free I am not going to stop going to the community clinic every month just because the kid at the door calls me a wossy {I mean seriously there is this kid that torments me every time}. That little nuts criticism actually make me look froward to going and giving that helping hand every fort night.

    I have just come from reading the lil disappointed thread clearly people in this forum need to learn to take the heat and not always learn on the FREE guilt think We know its free but that does not mean we will let you or any one else kill a good thing if we can tell you.

    has for me a beta... ahhh dude huh?

    and as for archangel.amael's thank you this dude is the only person that actually replied

    now that is constructive. Once again thank you.

    and hawaii67 he he he... well so there I was testing my new BT4 ? beta : alpha and guess what my wireless driver where nowhere to be found and I only use wireless to connect to that expensive pre-paid connection thats why I thought it was going to be a head arch for new comers esp if ubuntu is not their forte

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    I am feeling left out

    To be honest does it matter if it is alpha or beta? As long as it is not labeled final, well it pretty much says that there are still bugs here and there and that not everything is completed.

    It is ok to play around with it, to try things out. But if people can't deal with the status of BT4 they prolly should back off from using BT at first. As said before, no disrespect, but there are better ways to start. And I will tell people and guide them if they want to and ask for. Not that we don't want to help people out
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    I have used various flavors of linux over the years, some good, some not to good. And from my point of view, beta, alpha, who gives a crap. BT was the one that pretty much forced me to dive deeper into linux. Its the one that I enjoyed the most. Sure there are bugs with BT4, but most linux users enjoy figuring these types of things out. A wise man once said....
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    Quote Originally Posted by napoleon0di0bonaparte View Post
    and as for archangel.amael's thank you this dude is the only person that actually replied
    now that is constructive. Once again thank you.
    You are welcome, but don't get me wrong it was pretty sh*tty the way in which you presented yourself. It would be one thing if you had been around for a while contributing to the forums and or distro or what not to have complaints. But you came out of nowhere and went straight to the throat of the dev's with what is really silly complaints about something that you yourself could easily fix (given one will have to have a bit of experience with *nix to do so). There are a lot of tools that I use that are included in bt3 but are not in 4. But that's no big deal I just installed them all on my usb stick/ vmware image.
    Again I think the best quote by muts in regards to the change has to do with the distro itself being "up to date" and in it's self secure.
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