Well guys I know you probably put it 150% in this one just like the way you put it -150% in the IRC --- {yes I have issues}

1. The network-manger thing wow now my BT can connect at capabilities smiler to microshity windows - GREAT
2. Mortal Kombat sounds he he he he he he - OKAY
3. FVWM Crystal ahhhhh well it looks nice - OKAY
4. Early release... well i think you guys got too much pressure from the community... ah it happens BT is lick the best thing after sliced bread... (Its an african kinda thing don't roll your eyes)

1. I feel sorry for Noobs... ay hold on I am still a noob... the rest that is coz if you have not been tinkering with linux before and just bumbed into it becuase of the privileges of BT . I suggest you stick to BT3 and the spoonfeeds

2. Ahhhh guys... the least you could have done it with KDE4.1 yah I know you are not into cosmetics.... but that is what BT4 is just cosmetics. If you disagree please bit my ear I am listen. OKay I don't like KDE4.1 coz its just too heavy for me but...

3. What is new in BT4

4. Have you guys been threatened by the techno-bureaucrats is someone suing you.


Well I just want BT4-Final to keep its name... I am I love with BT... hey I never liked the Slackware distro but BT made me fall in love and I throw ubantu & debs out the window. and now... Guys lets pull Oh socks please... Yah about the IRC.... You guys can be mean... but hey... its your show I am are just a noobs