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Thread: cracking wep

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    Default cracking wep

    what did i do wrong. The last step gives me this :
                  Aircrack-ng 1.0 rc2 r1385
                     [00:01:44] Tested 1679041 keys (got 5001 IVs)
       KB    depth   byte(vote)
        0   29/ 40   F8(6400) 2B(6144) 43(6144) 4B(6144) 52(6144)
        1   39/  1   E8(6400) 0C(6144) 0E(6144) 15(6144) 31(6144)
        2   13/ 51   43(6912) 2D(6656) 34(6656) 39(6656) 55(6656)
        3    9/ 25   F9(7424) 39(7168) 3C(7168) A4(7168) B7(7168)
        4   26/  4   F6(6400) 00(6144) 3E(6144) 48(6144) 5D(6144)
    Failed. Next try with 10000 IVs.
    Starting PTW attack with 5001 ivs.

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    think you'll need to capture a little more iv's.
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    Normally for WEP you need a minimum of 10,000 IV's, you are trying to crack the key with only 5,000 IV's. Redo your WEP crack, but after doing the aireplay-ng stage wait until you have over 10,000 in the DATA column, then try the aircrack command (but leave everything running in the background just in case)

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    在這兩者之間 BackTrack是4 FwdTrack4


    Let the airodump window run to capture more weak IV's are this can be seen in airodump data section.if its failing try again untill you able to capture Encryption you can see its testing with 5001 Weak IV's.

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    WEP, right?

    well, you know, i had the same problem as you and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. i broke down and took a swing with spoonwep and it seemed to capture all the needed packets within minutes (time waiting depends on cpu and adapter). . .

    if the suggestions by other members of this post dont work, id suggest you try spoonwep with either arp replay or chop & chop and fragmentation methods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xewax
    Failed. Next try with 10000 IVs.
    Sometimes I am wondering how people seem not to be able to read the answer a program gives with the exact reason for the error. But then they expect to be able to read the answers given in a forum telling them exactly the same. One of the unsolved mysteries of human kind.
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    Couldn't agree more.


    Please don't think that I'm out to get you, but this distro is meant for pentesting and not something you should use as your first linux encounter.
    You should at least be decent enough to read upon subjects before you post, and please don't say you did that because we know that you did not. These are pretty basic subjects written and overwritten a thousand times.
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