Hi dudes

I tried on a computer's friend (after having installed recenlty backtrack) to install somehow wpa_supplicant.
Well it was not possible to connect to a wpa network with the right key.
Then i wanted to use the wireless assistant, or using the terminal to connect by wep only. Problem, i doesn't work anymore, and there is a wpa only windows in the wireless assistant. wep windows is unusable even if you can see it.
So i deleted everything i saw relevant to wpa_supplicant, the source package and the conf file mainly. But the problem is still there, i can't connect with wep, and the wpa windows is still in the wireles assistant when i try to connect. Difference is it complains wpa_cli and so on is missing.

So main question is may be, how to cleanly remove completely wireless assistant and then reinstall cleanly.
Or may be just remove the shit that tells wireless assistant (but in terminal i also can't connect!) about wpa.

thanks for help guys