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Thread: Simple USB problem yet complicated :)

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    Default Simple USB problem yet complicated :)

    Hello I am back again with a problem

    Recently i have installed USB version of BT4 on my moserbaer usb flash drive.

    I used unetbootin for acheiving my goal....

    The problem....

    When i plugged that Usb in my lappy ...the drives it showed as

    /dev/sdc1 and /dev/sdc2 which means it is denoting the drive as "c"
    i.e /dev/sdc
    i mounted everything and it worked great... since i made this to be a persistent OS so i have to edit few things in my boot folder are they

    edited in syslinux.cfg
    ...root=/dev/ram0 rw changes=/dev/sdc2....

    just to make sure that all the changes should be stored in an ext2 partion mounted as /dev/sdc2...

    /dev/sdc1(FAT32) is used for storing all booting related files and other stuffs...

    Now since the sole motive of usb installation is portability...

    so for a change i plugged it in my friends pc

    and all changed were gone all stored data and all...

    when i enquired little bit....i found that PC has recognised the usb drive as

    /dev/sdb ...i.e assigned the letter "b"

    so that line which i edited in syslinux.cfg has no use....

    now i am wondering even if i add another line saying add location /dev/sdb2... that wont do any good because if i have two or 3 removable media then drive letter keep on changing ....

    i thought as putting a wild character there "*" instead of any specific drive letter so that my changes become persistent......

    So can u guize guess what i am missing.... any help would be appreciated...

    Note to Admin and Mods: I am still trying to avoid chat slangs and short stuffs ... .. so plz forgive me for any mistakes

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