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Okay, so I'm wondering how you've been able to make this work with the RT2860 chipset. The trouble is the archive you have is for the 2870. While I can compile it on my ASUS 1000HE, when you try to modprobe the driver in there, it doesn't detect the card. I'm sure it is because it has a device ID for the 2870.

I did review the Makefile and saw there is a switch to go between the 2860 and 2870. Chanageing that switch breaks the compile process however, because then it looks for a 2860.bin file.

Thoughts? Im dying to get this Asus 1000HE with the RT2860 card working properly with injection.
Post me a driver that is working in BT3 with injection, and the rt2860 official (shouldnt have working injection) drivers and i'll take a look and fix them properly to my best ability. give me your devID as well so i can make sure its in there properly