This how to covers how to get the touch screen working under bt3 on an eee pc 700 or 701 (this will probably also work on other models ie 900/901/1000h etc.. assuming the touchscreen uses the touchkit, egalax, or eeti driver) If you need help installing the touch screen into the eee is your friend

Ok first...this tut assumes that you have installed bt3 using the usb extended final image and have not upgraded the kernel or x. If you don't know whether or not you have upgraded either of probably haven't...I think

Download the source driver files (which I conveniently uploaded here ) if you don't trust me you can google for the file name and download it after you find it. I saved the file to the root directory.

untar the file, in console

tar zxvf TouchKit-2.03.1712-32b-k26-x13.tar.gz
now change to the new directory and run the setup script:
cd TouchKit_x13
after the setup script has finished running
cd /root/TouchKit_x13/TouchKit-x13
cp /usr/lib/xorg/modules/input/
cd USBSrc
this will compile the driver in the console
cp tkusb.ko /lib/modules/
cp tkusb.o /lib/modules/
in the console

kwrite /etc/modules
this should open a blank document...type the following line in then click save:
after saving exit kwrite
backup your xorg.conf
cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup
kwrite /etc/X11/xorg.conf
scroll down xorg.conf until you see
Section  "Module"
add the following line before end section
load  "tkusb"
click save then exit kwrite

in konqueror navigate to
lib -> modules -> -> kernel -> drivers -> usb -> input
find the file
and rename it to
open a console and
depmod -a
now reboot
after booting back up login and startx
open a console and enter the following to start the calibration utility
do the 25 point calibration and you should be ready to rock and roll

Now...there are some parts of this how to....that may not be necessary, this is just what I did to get the touchscreen working. It works and nothing else is broke (haha). I am by no means a linux expert, if you see an unnecessary step please let me know and I'll edit it out.

I've also heard of some people having their calibration reset upon reboot, I personally haven't experienced this yet (most of the reports are on the xandros os) but in case you need to recalibrate use this script to open the calibration utility instead of hunting down the file:
open kwrite and type the following:

# start touch screen calibration
save it to where ever..(i used /root/ also make sure that the file ends in .sh

then open a console and
chmod +x
now whenever you need to calibrate just open a console and type
hope someone finds this tut useful