I've been using BackTrack 3 FINAL on my Macbook for some time now and I've been
extremely happy with backtrack. It's really helped me keep on top of my large
scale network here at work.

I was looking around and noticed that the forums were lacking a nice how to on
installing BackTrack 3 on Macbook HDD (Dual Boot). With that being said
here is a a simple cut and dry one.

| Things you'll need!

* Copy of rEFIt (Found here: I'm not allow to post urls )
* Copy of BackTrack 3 FINAL (If you don't know where to find this just stop reading here)

| Getting Started

First thing you'll need to do is burn yourself a bootable rEFIt CD.
* In the Finder, right-click rEFIt-0.12.dmg and choose Open With... -> Disk Utility in the context menu.
* Select rEFIt-0.12.dmg in the list on the left side of the window by clicking on it.
* Click the Burn button in the window's toolbar.
* Insert a blank CD and click Burn.

We are just burning this CD as our fail safe just in case! After you've got a install rEFIt like you would
any other OS X application.

NOTE: Window users can download the rEFIt cdr.gz disk image and burn using whatever they like

Next up we need to make another partition to work with. Now there is a simple way to do this without losing
any data or really doing any kind of work at all. BootCamp! It's simple.

Run Boot Camp to re-size your OS X partition and make space for our BackTrack install. Don't waste a CD creating
a Windows driver disk, just re-size. I chose to go with 32 Gigs of space (overkill) but I have a large HDD in my
MacBook and didn't really care.

| On to BackTrack 3

Right! So you've got your OS X partition resized, you've made a rEFIt CD, you've install rEFIt on you MacBook right?
Good! Next up is burn yourself up a BackTrack 3 CD, once you've got that done insert your BackTrack 3 CD and reboot
your MacBook hold down the "c" key to force it to boot from the BackTrack CD you should have in the drive.

Once you've hit the BackTrack boot menu select the Flux option (why? cause flux > *) really you can pick KDE, Flux or
whatever you like, I just happen to be a fan of Flux.

Next up we need to tweak the partitions that Boot Camp made for us, now I used fdisk, feel free to use cfdisk or again
whatever you like.

 # fdisk /dev/sda3
Note: A friend of mine tried this and said Boot Camp had created /dev/sda3 AND /dev/sda4? When I ran Boot Camp it only
created /dev/sda3 but in any case make sure /dev/sda4 is NOT there and if it is remove it as we don't need it.

So after now that we're in fdisk I did "p" to see what I had, I then hit "d" to remote the partition, then "n" and added
a new primary partition and set its type to Linux (83) wrote that to disk.

Next make it a journaled file system

 # mkreiserfs /dev/sda3
When that was done I basically did the same thing that pureh@te post ( I'm not allow to post urls )
was talking about. Mind you I've skipped making a swap drive as I've got 3Gb ram in my MacBook and didn't really need it, so to
run down what I did:

 # mkdir /mnt/bt
 # mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/bt
 # cp --preserve -Rv /{bin,dev,home,pentest,root,usr,etc,lib,opt,sbin,var} /mnt/bt/ (Note: v is option I just like to see whats going on)
 # mkdir /mnt/bt/{mnt,proc,sys,tmp,boot}
 # mount --bind /dev/ /mnt/bt/dev/
 # mount -t proc proc /mnt/bt/proc/
 # cp /boot/vmlinuz /mnt/bt/boot/
Almost done,

 # chroot /mnt/bt/ /bin/bash
 # nano /etc/lilo.conf
To quote pureh@te: "Now I like to delete all the bulls**t in the lilo config file so here is what mine would look like.
(remember to set your own VGA accordingly )"

 image = /boot/vmlinuz
 root = /dev/sda3
 label = backtrack3_final
These settings should work fine for us, however I always put my vga to 773

Remember to update your lilo
# lilo -v
| The Reboot!

Now when you reboot if rEFIt was installed you should now have a choice between OSX and BackTrack.

If you:

1) Don't get the choice and are booted into OS X
2) You are stuck with a "No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key"

Here is what you need to do.

* Eject any CD you may have in the drive and insert your rEFIt cd you made at the start of this tutorial.
* Power off your MacBook and power it back on holding down the "c" key to make it boot the rEFIt CD.
* Using the arrow keys and Enter to select, choose the rEFIt to the Partitioning Tool, and let it update
the MBR.

Once that is done pop out the rEFIt CD and reboot. You should now be prompted what to boot, and are ready
to boot BackTrack 3 off your MacBooks HDD whenever you like.

Thanks to: pureh@te for the great tutorial (Again, I'm not allowd to post urls ) that I
referenced several times here.

I would post a link to the hosted document but... oh right... I can't post urls