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Thread: [Video] How to: Crack WPA/WPA2 (aircrack-ng + airolib-ng)

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    Is the aireplay-ng -deauth command ran in the same konsole or in a second? Also I have been trying to allocate as much time in studying these procedures as I can afford to in the past 3-5 months, and in that time I knew I would be soon stepping up to bat @ WPA/WPA2 and have located 2 very sizable dictionaries. I have since left them in my Windows partition and retrieved them into my BT4r2 partition, but now they sit in a created folder on the BT desktop in .zip format.

    From reading the gist of your postings on this thread, I am of the belief that I need to create a single wordlist from those 2 separate .zips. Is this correct and would you please take the time to create a tutorial for starting and continuing wordlist development?

    My setup includes an HP DV6500, 4GB RAM, 500GB drive (100GB is BT4r2), Intel 4965AGN integrated and also have an Alfa AWUS036H on standby, but I'd like to streamline if I can use the Intel.

    I'd like to crack my WPA a few times to solidify my basic understanding, then branch out to more challenging things. Any help is welcome.

    Can you share a link to the torrent file containing your list for download? I will seed the torrent indefinitely in honor of the Karma. Peace


    Locating files from your primary partition in a dual boot setup. This may also apply when launching BT from a USB, CD, or VM, but I only know this to apply for dual boot.

    KMENU->STORAGE MEDIA (Click S.M. again on bottom)

    Therein you'll see the BT partition as well as the Windows (or whatever OS) partition bearing the size that you allocated to each. From there you simply click the Windows part and begin to fan out the folders in like fashion that you would inside Windows till you locate your wordlist, then copy it back to your Bactrack. I left my WLs in a folder on the BT desktop for ease of retrieval
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