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Problably you are typing the wrong path to your dictionary (do you even have one?).

This is copied from the FAQ.

I'm new to linux, is BackTrack a good place to start ?
Sorry, the simple answer to that is no.

BackTrack is a highly specialized distro, where a lot of normal tasks are not done automatically for you as they are in a mainstream distro.

Our best advice if you wish to start off using linux with BackTrack as your first linux operating system, is don't.

Start off by downloading a copy of Kubuntu (as it is a similar base operating system to BackTrack) boot into that and force yourself to do everything you are used to doing on a daily basis using that, preferably spending most of your time using the command line tools. When and only when you can perform all of those daily tasks without having to look-up the commands should you move to BackTrack.

Please don't take this as us saying you shouldn't use BackTrack, take it as friendly advice that you are letting yourself in for a whole world of pain and frustration if you are not fully comfortable performing administration of your own linux machine before you start with Backtrack.
Do I have a dictionary? Yes I have plenty. Have I gotten the smaller files to work? Yes, I have. I know where my files are they are just too large for my computer to open. And thanks for your "useful" post, but I've already read the FAQ.