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i have a .cap with one handshake but the pass phrease is not in the dictionary ( the wpa key is 4hjh45uo9u is a bt home hub), i wonder where i can dl a password list with this kind of words ( letters and numbers). or there is no way to find this kind of "words" in the dictionary.
and i'm using aircrack-ng for windows, what will be the phat for this comand in windows ( airolib-ng crackwpa --import passwd /root/tools/dictionaries/g0tmi1k.lst
i type airolib-ng crackwpa --import passwd /usr/bin/big-wpa-list-1.lst
aircrack is on c:\aircrack\bin\aircrack
but no luck ( this to speed up the cracking proces)
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As the WiFi key is very random - its going to be very rare for that sort of phrase will be in a dictionary, I think your better off generating it...
One thing, you're got windows & linux file paths. Odd?

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Nice work! keep going.
Thanks for the thanks!

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Yes you can download that sort of word list you just have to find it or you can generate your own.(All lists have to be generated by someone they don't just appear out of thin air.)
Below I have listed a script to generate your own pass list in the format you listed above.


# Number of Passwords to generate, default 1,000
if [ "$1" != "" ]; then

# Length of password, default 7
if [ "$2" != "" ]; then

cat /dev/urandom|tr -dc "a-zA-Z0-9-_\$\?"|fold -w $len|head -n $num
To use it call it in your shell like this "scriptname num len > /save/list/to/newlist.lst" replace num with how ever many passwords you want to generate. len is the length of the password if you want 5 characters put 5 where len is etc. Then after that is > this tells the script where you want the file to be saved.

If you dont want it to have symbols in the passwords simply remove -_\$\? from the last line.

Your on a backtrack forum for linux operating systems..... The script I wrote for you above wont work on windows, you will have to figure out another way to generate your pass list.

Back Track is the best OS for cracking wifi in my opinion it can be a live CD so really no reason to try to crack under windows you should be able to use it an leave your windows intact. Anyways the correct command would be to have the correct file path to your list last I checked windows did not have a usr or bin directory odds are your path would be something like this airolib-ng crackwpa --import passwd "C:\Documents And Settings\User\My Documents\big-wpa-list-1.txt" The part after passwd is the path to the text file with the list in it where ever you saved it is what you put there.
Thanks for the helping hand & thanks for the script *adds it to my collection *

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does anyone hv idea about this code : airolib-ng crackwpa --batch
i was using wpa-big list almost hv 1,2gb. using the code it took a very very long time. hope some one hv anyway to make it more fast.

--batch "Start batch-processing all combinations of ESSIDs and passwords." Source
It should take ages! The bigger the dictionary/wordlist - the longer it takes! Hence why I had very few in mine and your will take a very long time (1.2GB is ALOT more than mine!)

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so where you going with this?
You need to try a few things - because your setup is different to mine.
You need to use different commands. (nothing too major tho)
Try attacking a XP box over a Windows 7 box first.