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Thread: Update to Firefox 3.6 nice and clean in back|track 4 - final

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    Default Update to Firefox 3.6 nice and clean in back|track 4 - final

    firefox 3.6 update in BT4

    current version 3.0.15

    Go to Browse Ubuntuzilla: Mozilla Software Installer Files on and download firefox-mozilla-build_3.6-0ubuntu1_i386.deb to our default download location which is our desktop or /root/

    update: the firefox-mozilla-build_3.6-0ubuntu1_i386.deb package is under:
    All Files -> mozilla -> apt -> pool -> main -> f -> firefox-mozilla-build

    Once we have the file lets save the default BT4 home page, personally I like it there are a lot of resources on this page that I use.

    open a text editor of your choice and then within the original version of firefox go to: edit -> prefrences

    then we should see our default home page, if not it is under the Main category the default homepage for BT4 is file:///opt/browser_ads/Commercial.html (when I updated it kept all of my current settings including my home page, this was just a precaution I took)

    now let us move on to the installation of our new firefox 3.6 browser.

    1. Open a terminal - if you do not know how - please read the "If you are new to BT or Linux forum post within the beginners forum.

    2. issue the following command (make sure you are in whatever directory you d/led the .deb package to)

    dpkg -i firefox-mozilla-build_3.6-0ubuntu1_i386.deb
    once launched a add-on window will pop up, DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW.
    in this window we need to enable all plug-ins, than update our plug-ins. (see below)

    update: by defualt in BT4 the only extensions that are enabled are:

    Tamper Data
    There should be no need to enable all, I just did this to ensure all is working correctly

    The only two extensions of firefox 3.6 that are not compatible with are:

    HackBar 1.4.2
    Tamper Data 10.1.0

    if we select find updates within the add-on window than firefox will update our extensions for us and we can bask in the glory of having newer versions of all original extensions that comes with BT4.

    Once updated restart firefox open up the add-on window again by going to tools -> add-ons and enable HackBar 1.4.2 then restart firefox again and enjoy.
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