Hello to everyone!

Congratulations for the team who keeps up the good work and on releasing the Beta4.

I'm completely new to the linux environment (I don't consider my 20 hours of playing with Ubuntu extensive knowledge).

As for myself, I tried running the Beta 4 on an Alienware M9750 Laptop.

Network card (wireless) is Intel 3945ABG and was detected flawlessly (as observed by another member on the forum) with the beta4.

As for connecting to my Wireless network at home (WPA - PSK):

- KNetwork Manager icon was greyed out since the beginning (it said "NetworkManager is not running")
- I entered the data about the network (ESSID, key etc) manually in KNetwork Manager
- I launched the service in console mode manually:
service networking start (don't know if this one was of any use)
service NetworkManager start (careful with capital letters)

it worked out like a charm.

Is this the way it is supposed to work out?

Hope this helps...