i plug my Edimax Ew7318usg before booting of BT4
i put my wifi in monitor mode i obtain 2 wifi interface
Wlan0 (for my edimax)
and mon0(???)

i use ifconfig to know from where mon0 it have the same mac adrress and the same configuration as wlan0

if i use iwconfig wlan0 rate 1M
i can't figure any speed rate in iwconfig wlan0 (even 54M)

then i launch airmon and airodump
i obtain some AP but few minutes i can't obtain nothing (i unplug it then i plug it i can obtain AP )

i check iwconfig i obtain :

and something like "wmaster0"
(all these interface have the same configuration ,same mac...)

how can i fix the problem of interface

this problem (increasing the number of interface) is not present in
BT3 but the problem of not obtain AP after some minutes has not change (not all the time).
the usb is fine i use it with XP

i can't connect with my BT4 to the internet because of dhcpcd (they say i should download )i put a static ip and i can' t connect ,to tell you exactly what the problem is
thank you