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To change iwlwifi driver i've used backtrack with persistant changes,

downloaded compat wireless from here

wireless. kernel. org/ en / users / Download

extracted them, gone into dir, downloaded patch for better injection

patches. aircrack-ng. org/ mac80211_2.6.28-rc4-wl_frag+ack_v3.patch

now, to patch drivers do

patch -p1 < mac80211_2.6.28-rc4-wl_frag+ack_v3.patch

now we have to install drivers

make install
make unload
make load

so now we have drivers working.

For fakeauth the aircrack-ng method doesn't works with 4965, and I think doesn't also with 5100...Cause a firmware bug, you have to use a auth with wpa_supplicant, to do this open a file and call it wpa_supplicant.conf, in it type

ssid="essid of network"

and then use aircrack suite normally..

PS: sorry for the spaces into urls but i haven't posted 15 mesg...
Don't copy and paste from other forums or sites.are you moron or what.

here is direct link