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Thread: Realtek 8187L

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    Default Realtek 8187L

    hey guys my friend recommend i buy this wireless adapter.

    Im from the uk and 17, so am a bit stuck for cash :S

    802.11g 54M 1000mW 30dBm Realtek 8187L USB WiFi Adapter on eBay (end time 25-Mar-10 07:48:21 GMT)

    Will this be compatible with backtrack and all linux distros in general?


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    Default Re: Realtek 8187L

    It should be fine. I thought i read somewhere that the 'L' chip did have an issue with something, but I cant find it now. It looks like a complete knock off of the ALFA 36, which is what I just got, and so far it seems to work good, but im still playing

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    Default Re: Realtek 8187L

    sadly, all this took was one search on google. my keywords were: realtel 8187l aircrack-ng.

    wanna know what showed up as the first result? the aircrack-ng wiki's compatibility list. surprise, surprise.

    please, please, please search before posting. please.
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