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Thread: exhaustive list of tools included in bt4?

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    Default exhaustive list of tools included in bt4?

    is there a list somewhere? I've been searching for a while and I can't seem to find a "complete" list. I ask because I am interested in creating a fedora spin that contains the same tool set, since I use fedora primarily and am not an ubuntu fan

    Please don't interpret this as me being an ungrateful ass, I love bt and I've used it for a while I am just far more comfortable with the native system tools in fedora, add to that me being bored and currently unemployed and I figure this might a nice learning experience for me, and might even provide some value

    I'm guessing this list exists somewhere but maybe got list when we all moved from remote-exploit


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    Default Re: exhaustive list of tools included in bt4?

    I recommend:
    dpkg --list
    and refer you to the post: Rebuild customized backtrack from scratch? in regards to building your own distro. Also note that since the Debian package management system is used on the new and shiny BT4, you're likely to need different repos for some of the stuff included here, to make it work with FC.

    If you were planning to create the distro and release it for public use... it's not going to be anything but trouble. Another thing to consider is this: For a distro to be even half-decently usable and bugs to be worked out, etc. you're going to need a dev team. Linux has gotten so big that it'd be a retarded task to commit to building and maintaining a distro all by yourself.

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