Not sure whether this is me or not, but it definately worked differently in BT3.

BT4Beta on a 4gig SD card.
Booting it on an Asus eeePC 900.

After having booted up BT4Beta, all working nice, then I try to get some info I have stored on a USB drive.

Plug it in (there is no autorun on BT4 although there was in BT3) so open up Konqueror and head to Storage Media.

There I see all the usual (after a refresh I might add) including my USB stick.

When trying to open it up, I continuosly get the error ;

Cannot obtain a lock on /media/.hal-mtab

Would also like to add that it does not seem possible to choose which card to use when using Kismet as it there used to be.. ?
It just goes straight into Kismet and does not use the same driver, but is mentioning "intel" ? On an eee ?

Think I have to go straight back to class after just getting the hang of a few things.. drat..