I am attempting to boot BT3 from USB on a laptop that does not support booting from USB in BIOS. I do not want to burn a CD as I do not have any readily available. My current setup is a dual-boot to Ubuntu and Windows XP via GRUB on my internal hard drive. I installed BT3 on a 1GB USB flash drive. I am trying to boot the USB flash drive using the internally installed GRUB. I copied the vmlinuz and initrd files from boot on the flash drive to /boot on my Ubuntu install. I then added the following to my /boot/grub/menu.lst
title  	        USB Drive
root		(hd0,4)
kernel	/vmlinuz-usb vga=791 root=UUID=88d0-1b2b ro
initrd		/initrd-usb
When I restart and select this option in GRUB, it begins to load BT3 but fails. First it failed at the end of linuxrc in the initrd when it attempts to run init saying, init usage [012345... (or something along those lines).
If I edit the linuxrc file within the initrd (which I don't think is the correct way to solve the problem) to include in the call to init a runlevel of 2, I get a different error message saying, init: file not found: /dev/initctl

Thank you for assistance.