Sorry for posting this here, but I'm unable to post in the "BackTrack 4 Beta Public Released" forum under Announcements. I just downloaded and tried the new BackTrack 4 Public Beta, and overall, It looks really good. Thanks for such an excellent release! There are a few things that could be improved, however... BackTrack 4 Beta first impressions - Quite a few valuable tools seem to have been removed... things like Charon and SpoonWep that could've easily been included aren't there yet... although I know how to crack WEP keys manually using aircrack-ng, it's probably a good idea to include SpoonWEP for those who are new to the concept of wireless cracking. Also, I much preferred the old Wireless Assistant over KNetworkManager, at least for Wireless connections. Fast Track appears to be broken, as I get a message saying that python can't find I don't see a need for Wine to be installed, as most tools can be run natively in the Linux Environment, but there's no harm done by having it there. The "Conky" statistics feature is cool, but it overlaps the background, making it hard to read. Other than that it's actually a REALLY nice new look. I realize this is just a beta, and there is probably a lot more work to do before the final release, but overall, it's really a rather nice set of security tools. The RFID tools are quite an interesting addition. Can't wait to see further improvements, keep up the great work! Once again, thanks a lot for the release, I know you guys have been working really hard on this release, and I can't wait until BackTrack 4 Final is done!