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Thread: How to get my Web blog pw

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    Default How to get my Web blog pw

    Hey out there ..... its nothing illegal I just want to test my own Blog:

    (there are some space's in the link above you have to delete... I did it to cheat my rights
    PW:abc (for everyone who want to know 100% that it is my Blog)
    how easy it is to get the pw with an bruteforce att via BT3

    I saw many tools in the direct. Backtrack/privilege escaltaion/Password Attacks/PasswordOnlineAttack

    I tried some but I dont get out my pw ... If one of u could send me a Link or better explain how to use one of the tools and get my own pw (after i found out how i will put in my real pw and gotta try how save it is) for the blog

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    We dont condone this sort of thing. Unless its your own server at home and you have permission from your ISP then what you want to do is illegal.

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