Ok. MAJOR problem. I md5'd all files after using UNetbootin and all were ok. Now after i try and boot i get the flashing underscore and thats it. Now when i go back into windows/Backtrack hd install and look at the syslinux.cfg, its just a load of symbols. (which it wasn't before i booted from it). Now if i md5 all files, syslinux, md5.txt, and filesystem.squashfs files dont match. I dont understand what has gone wrong. Its confusing the hell out of me. I notice others are having the same flashing underscore problem as i was commenting on someone's thread about it yesterday. Can anyone explain to me what is going on? Is there a "manual" way of making a persistent USB so i can eliminate UNetbootin corrupting the extra files it throws on my stick. I googled it last night and found a few people have found that UNetbootin corrupts files on extraction. I am using UNetbootin 408 and even tried 377 to no avail. Thanks