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Thread: autoinstaller batch vista incompatibility

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    Default autoinstaller batch vista incompatibility

    Hi! There is a problem with the auto make bootable batch file in backtrack. When you first try to make a usb you need to run it to make a the drive bootable. However, in vista you need to run it as administrator or it will not work. However, when you run batch files in vista as administrator (which you have to do for them to have access to the drive) they run in c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe This means that no matter what you do with the autoinstall batch file, you can't get it to work in vista. You can do it manually, but that seems to deter people.

    I wrote this, works for me, hxxp://
    just replace the xx with tt


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    Not true! I have done it in vista and even documented it in a video.

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