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Thread: Whats the next step?

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    Default Whats the next step?

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to tell you what I have done so far in Backtrack 3 distro:

    hacked wep (very easy)
    hacked wpa (not very easy
    both using aircrack

    I have learned how to save changes on three diffrent schemes ie;
    KDE VSE (I think thats what ther called)

    I have upgraded to the latest aircrack thanks to PUREH@TE

    and now I am asking for advice in what I should learn how to do or learn to install more updated software for BT

    I ask this from anyone who is willing to reply to realize my experience in BT and what I have done so far.

    Thanks for reading,


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    I would check out nmap and all the things it can do.

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    i would have to agree with pureh@tes post because i learned exactly the same way you did when i first started with backtrack3. after learning to crack wpa i moved on to nmap and metasploit. there is a great tutorial on the basics of metasploit on the forum. i'll post a link to it in a bit.

    edit: hxxp:// << sorry i cant paste links yet but there is a great read if you want to get started with metasploit.
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    Default Thank you

    Thanks so much guys, this will be my next attempt on something new......


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