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Thread: wireless networks problem

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    Default wireless networks problem

    im using a linksys WUSB54GC wireless card. as per the instructions posted on backtrack wiki i have downloaded and installed the new wireless driver(patched) and installed it.
    however injection using wireplay-ng is not working... and neither is start-kismet-ng.
    what do i do?

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    Have you then read the aircrack-ng wiki?

    Have you started the card in monitor mode (airmon-ng start <interface>)?

    Have you tried to test use aireplay-ng -9 to test injection?

    I'm sorry, but you're not giving much information so we can't really help you, and this should be in the newbie area.
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    these are the steps ive taken:
    1. download and install the latest "recommended" driver
    2. ifconfig rausb0 up
    3. iwconfig rausb0 mode monitor
    4. iwpriv rausb0 forceprism 1

    now i face a problem in step 4 saying that command "forceprism" not found

    5. iwpriv rausb0 rfmontx 1
    6. airodump-ng rausb0

    still, packet injection using aireplay-ng or monitoring using kismet does NOT work. ive searched and lot and found no answer.

    Thanking you in advance

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