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Thread: Ubiquiti SRC Question

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    Default Ubiquiti SRC Question

    Well Ubiquiti SRC are pricey, so i am gonna make sure it is compatible with my computer.

    I have an XPS m1730. And i am using BT3 Beta on a USB drive. And i believe the laptop has a PCMCIA slot. Just spending 150$ will be a waste if i can not get this card working.

    Any information that would help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank You.

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    One of my mate's laptop I recently installed linux mint on, he had dell xps m1530 and it doesn't seem to have a pcmcia slot, only expresscard. Try ejecting out the template and see the shape, pcmcia are usually wider than expresscard.

    On the other hand, Ubiquti SRC is Atheros AR5212 abg which is compatible with linux apart from the connector to the lappy. It isn't worth the money if you are looking for something that is worth your buck. You may as well get Alfa AWUS036H which is USB powered, alot more powerful than Ubiquti SRC and is guarenteed to work (it has Realtek RTL8187L chipset)

    Go research on wikipedia to see the difference between a pcmcia slot and expresscard slot and it'll be evident.

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    In between if you have only option to buy and you are comfort with less power then Ubiquity card is good.however in terms of power its having 300 mW compare to alfa AWUS036H 500 mW.this express card is poor in quality & more costly then Alfa card.

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    Ubi 24dBi+5dBi attena=29dBi Tx EIRP with better sensitivity
    Alfa 25dBi+2dBi attena=27dBi Tx EIRP with lower sensitivity. So how is it the Alfa is better?

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