Hi all, I have been using BT for quite sometime now and it's a fantastic peice of Software/OS, I now however have a problem with BT3, I own a Advent 5302 and a PNY 4gig usb stick, I have copied the BT3 and Boot folders over to my usb stick, used bootinst.bet with succession, BT3 boots to the loader screen, I then use boot option with changes I append "acpi=off" and also have to use "noapic" otherwise it hangs on serial, everything goes fine up until the screen goes black and BT3 trys to load into GUI, it seems to bypass the login screen altogether and just flickers between the arrow cursor and the X cursor. Has anyone else come across this problem or has does anyone know of a workaround.

All help would be great thanks.

Found the fix for this problem, Append to changes autoconfig=kdm dbt acpi=off noapic this fixed the problem and it boots straight into BT3 with no problems at all

sorry it's autoexec=kdm dbt acpi=off noapic