Hey guys, I have the USB version of backtrack 3 running off a laptop and alfa awus036h usb adapter. I used google mostly to mess with this card, as it's been a trial and error experience... but after a while I found this site needing info I needed, so I registered.

My first question would be: What is the optimal version of BT3 to select at the BT3 Os Select screen? (I think it's called the LILO??) I've been selecting bt3 graphics mode (kde)

My main purpose of playing around with backtrack 3 is to learn about securing wep and I intend on only messing with my own wireless router. I figured I could do this with backtrack running airodump first through the terminal. Right now i just typed in the command: "Airodump-ng wlan0" and I'm watching it catch a lot of beacons, no packets yet. Sorry to be so blunt, but what would be the next course of action?