Hi All,

Max, Martin and I, together with renewed forces - jabra, barbsie and netroller3D - have finally come to the point where we can call BackTrack 4 a "beta".

We have worked very hard on this release, with the kind help of remote-exploit members and the community at large. We honestly believe that this release is the best we've ever had, but then, we say that on every new release.

You can see some preliminary information about backtrack 4 at the following blog, at least until our own wiki and trac are ready to take on the public.


There will be an initial pre-release in Shmoocon 2009, and then a public beta once Shmoo is over. Hang in there!

We will soon open a new forum for BT4 beta, where members can post questions and useful information. We hope that this new release brings in new positive spirits to the forums.

Muts, Max, Martin, and the RE crew.