When making rainbow tables/hash tables, has anybody tried to stop genpmk, and manage to restart it with the same dictionary file, and not have it start at the beginning?

Basically, I have my wpa handshake, and a 500 MB dictionary file. When I use gen pmk
genpmk -s ESSID -f dictionary.txt -d wpashke.hash

if i stop it with ctrl + c, and then switch the computer off, and switch on, and restart with the same command, it says appending data, but starts at a.

previously it had gotten upto c after 12 hours.

Is there a command that starts it at c? Or that restarts it where it left off? I have tried googling resume/restart/stop and restart genpmk. I haven't found the needle in the haystack (if it is there).

Otherwise is it necessary to chop up dictionary files into workable files e.g. no more than 100 MB files? e.g. something that would take up 8-12 hours cpu time? Is there a command for this... I haven't looked yet, I only just thought of this...