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Thread: getting alfa usb wifi to work with BT3 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajpepe72 View Post
    connects to internet fine when you do it manually through the terminal, no problems at all. Is there a reason it does not connect through the wireless assistant program ?
    Also am I right in thinking that if I want to run spoonwep or aireplay etc, I just need to give the card the monitor command ?
    Well thankfully this is the recommended way to connect. The wireless assistant is a rather buggy piece of software with its quirks and issues, if you take a look around the forum you will find that most experienced users tend to avoid using it.

    Managed mode is only used to actually connect to a wireless AP, for injection and capturing packets monitor mode is what you want. This includes the aircrack-ng suite and yes the command I provided earlier is what you need to get the card into monitor mode.
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    Default alfa

    for me (dont know about others ) my alfas green light only comes up , when i

    modprobe to NDISWRAPPER -provided bi TRON

    when i use the r8187 it shuts off

    ((modprobe is a Linux program written by Rusty Russell used to add/remove a module to/from the Linux kernel))
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