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Thread: After graduation, which certification should I take?

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    Default After graduation, which certification should I take?

    As some of you might know, I still have some doubts if escaping from the crappy university//city where I currently live, or remain to finish my Master Thesis.
    In any case, after graduation (which will happen no later than April, because I don't want to live much longer in this shithole of city in southern Italy, which deserves to burn, and is full of bastard, arrogant and ignorant people, who pretend to know what's better for me, despite the fact that they are losers), or after "escape", I want to take some professional security certification.
    I can afford to spend some thousands euros on a course/bootcamp (mainly because, living in a crappy social environment, and a crappy family, that think that knowing other cultures is not important, I could not travel much in the last years, so I saved a certain amount of money), but I don't want to waste my money into things that:
    1 - Are not well known in the industry (they won't help me to find a job abroad)
    2 - Can be easily learned on your own
    So, what do you suggest I should do? I have some knowledge of pentesting (expecially in the wi-fi area), but I'm far from being classified as a professionist.
    After graduation/escape, I though of going to big Germany (mein Heimat) for a few weeks, to improve my knowledge of German, and then start studying for these security certifications...but which one?
    Thanks a lot

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    Well I know that the most well-known to most industry is CompTIA Certs. So Security+ and Network+ would be a good start, then go after the CCNA! And after you research/acquire those you will have a good idea of where to go from there!

    I know that browsing and CareerBuilder there are always positions open for CCNA's with decent pay!
    This is a hackers forum :P
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    I personally think that if you plan on getting CompTIA certs, you should get those first. Reason is because they do not expire.

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    Yea, I may be a dumba$$, but the term's CompTIA and Master of Yoda are not a good fit. Maybe if you have NO gpa, maybe. I dont see a MS out tweaking at the CompTIA level. You would hopefully be incharge of said CompTIA maggot's. Bring it on.
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    Since you are in Europe, you may want to take a look at the certs offered by ISECOM.

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