I have just installed BT3 Final USB (extended) on a 2GB USB stick and have found two problems with it.

I have BT3 Beta on another USB stick and it works perfectly.

Firstly, it boots at normal speed until you get the "starting Linux Live" message, then it slows to a crawl.

When it has booted, instead of going directly into X like the beta does I just get a command prompt with instructions. Logging in as root and running startx does load KDE, but it's still really slow.

As I say, the beta works fine. I have checked all the usual things like the MD5 sum of the downloaded ISO image. I checked the USB stick, it isn't that. I get the same result on another stick, and as I say the beta is fine on the same drive.

The light on the flash drive is constantly flashing as the system boots. Perhaps for some reason it is dropping back to USB 1 speed?