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Thread: open a new konsole in bash and execute command

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    Default open a new konsole in bash and execute command

    is it possible to make a bash script (.sh) open a new konsole and run a command. I need the script to open a new shell/konsole and place it on the top left side of my screen, it needs to run a command, for example iwconfig, the window where the original bash script is running needs to continue to exist and needs to continue running...


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    And the point of this would be?
    This is a hackers forum :P
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    The following will get you "ifconfig" and "iwconfig" in two different windows.

    xterm -e "iwconfig; bash" &
    Notice that I have "iwconfig; bash". If it were just "iwconfig", then the terminal window would disappear as soon as the iwconfig command finishes execution. To keep the terminal window open, I make it launch "bash" right after it executes "iwconfig".

    By the way, "xterm" is the bread-and-butter terminal emulator for X Windows, it should be available on every system. If you want to make it less portable then replace it with "kconsole" or whatever (and of course you'll have to look up the command line arguments for "kconsole").
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