Hey Guys,

New to linux and backtrack here. Recently tested BT 4 on both my Dell Latitude D610 and my old custom built PC. Network, sound, and video all worked mostly fine while using live DVD. The only thing I noticed with my PC was that the usb keyboard wouldnt working during the first booting screen. Which was fine for me cause I only needed to use the first option. After BT loaded it was fine. This could be due to certain BIOS settings too I just havnt had the desire to figure it out since I had no real need at this point.

The issue I ran into with my D610 was that even though the wireless card (Intel PRO Wireless 2200) worked it could not successfully inject, oh well I didnt expect much with an older Dell Laptop with stock wlan.

The card in my PC is a Belkin 54g Wireless PCI Network Card F5D7000. I originally thought that it def would not be able to inject since I knew I bout the card probably back in '02. But to my surprise it worked wonderfully. Was able to inject and eventually able to test the strength of my wireless security. I was also surprised to find out that the drivers (dated 7.17.03) had the option to specify a MAC address from within Windows as well. The intell 2200 did not have that functionality. Very pleased with the old Belkin, lots of other advanced options available as well but thats in Windows so not as important here I guess