Greetings all:

Some background: Trying to get an ALFA AWUS036H usb wireless card working thru vmware in BT4
final. I have taken the unit apart and it is for sure a RTL8187L chipset.

Earlier versions of vmware prior to 6.5 will not power on the vm's from the download area, it
appears they were made with vmware7. Workstation 6.5 works however
before I spend the $$ to upgrade to vmware 7, here are my error messages with 6.5:

Running Vmware 6.5, BT4 final guest, WinXPSP3 host:

Alfa card is recognized by BT:

modprobe -l | grep phy

modprobe -l | grep wireless

(other returns omitted)

Bus 002 Device 002: ID 0bda:8187 Realtek Semi.......RTL8187 Wireless adapter

ifconfig wlan0 up
phy0: Reset timeout!
SIOCSIFFLAGS: Connection timed out

iwconfig with no arguments shows wlan0, even though ifconfig seems not to affect the wlan0
interface up or down

airmon-ng start wlan0 returns:

wlan0 RTL8187 rtl8187 - [phy0]phy0: Reset timeout!
SIOCSIFFLAGS: Connection timed out
(monitor mode enabled on mon0)

But I don't think mon0 was actually enabled.

Anyone use this card in VMware 7? The card works fine in BT4 final if booted directly. Someone else suggested to add the rtl8187 drivers to the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist, and unlist the r8187 driver, reboot, but that did not work for me. But since I specifically bought this card for vmware, I would like to get working there. Can anyone recommend a patch if one exists (and if it is a driver issue?) or does it work Ok with wmware 7 and BT4 final without issues?

By work, I mean to use normally and for testing (injection) with the aircrack tools. It appears
that on the aircrack-ng "install" page under "Installing vmware image" it states vmware 6.5 is known to have problems with the rtl8187 driver. States it is unusually slow and hangs.

Maybe I should just use an earlier VMware and create my own VM.

Thanks for any help!