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Thread: Installing Broadcom 4312 Driver

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    Red face Installing Broadcom 4312 Driver

    So i went ahead and downloaded the 32bit version of the driver here:


    untared it and got up to point 4 in this manual:

    replace the 0 with 't'

    it sez: No such file or directory.

    Probably i have to replace the x with something, but i have no idea with what!

    I have Backtrack 3, booted via USB stick on a HP mini 1000.

    Any help is appreciated, since i need to get the Wi-Fi to work, to get crakin

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    1) I have no idea what you mean by `it sez: No such file or directory'. What is?

    2) With broadcom's linux_sta driver you will never be able to do monitoring/injection, its the same priviledge as having ndiswrapper. This chipset is not supported natively by b43 so there will be no native support apart from using those two which doesn't allow either capabilities, just connect and surf the internet wirelessly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by creepinshadow View Post
    untared it and got up to point 4 in this manual:
    it sez: No such file or directory.
    Step 4 has you going into the kernel directory. You most likely don't have the kernel headers installed.
    # wget
    # lzm2dir kernel.lzm /
    This is covered many times in the forum. Search next time.

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