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    Default Something Weird with Forum CSS

    I've noticed this in a few threads. Thread "" for example. Posts #1 and #6 seem to have some strange short line wrapping going on. If you check the source you'll notice that the posts in which the text is wrapped the div class following the post heading (H2) is "<div class="content has_ad">" while for the posts which appear normal (no short wrapping of lines) the div class is "<div class="content">"

    Any idea why this happens?

    Note it does not appear to be tied to the forum skin (I checked using both) and it does not appear to be limited to posts which have been edited.

    Are there supposed to be ads included in the display of the posts with the "has_ad" class? I disabled adblockplus and still didn't see anything.

    Note: I can't speak for everyone but if this is a sign that ads are in-bound I'd be disappointed
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