hello everyone,
I have a usb wifi and its not working on backtrack3 .. if i do iwconfig, i get no output! lsusb shows:
ID 0ace:1215 ZyDAS WLA-54L WiFi"
i found that the chipset of this device is ZyDAS ZD1211B please help me out, i really want to run this on bt3 , before i bought this , i checked the firmware and then i went to aircrack to check its support it said:

This driver supports the zd1211 and the newer zd1211b chipsets by Zydas. Atheros has acquired Zydas and renamed this chipset to AR5007UG.
Starting with kernels 2.6.25 and up, both chipsets support injection completely, except for the fragmentation attack, which is still being worked on. This page only deals with pre-2.6.25 kernels, for newer ones, see zd1211rw-mac80211.

this was the only reason i bought it , since it supports packet injection according to this information, and it has option for a external antenna too..but right now nothing seems to work..