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    Quote Originally Posted by paulsi View Post
    my dear larryhaja your last statement shows everybody that reads this thread an insight to your character.
    I can assure you that you would not find it hilarious if a member of your family was inflicted by this terrible disorder.

    I must admit I do like a windup and some friendly banter. but mocking the afflicted is extremely low and distasteful and uncalled for kind regards
    You seem to be mistaken, I wasn't mocking those with the disease, I was mocking you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post
    I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess you're British/English. Cause you got a weird sense of humor!
    Hahahaha Barry, did I help you come to this stereotypical conclusion.
    Anyway I vote the name of the forum stays, and should not be changed because people cant be bothered to read properly. I also vote paulsi for mod I am sure it will do wonders for the site.
    Refer to above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by streaker69 View Post
    You seem to be mistaken, I wasn't mocking those with the disease, I was mocking you.
    MY dear streaker69 I am not mistaken. categorising me as a cerebral palsy sufferer. Which gives me an insight into what you think of sufferers of this disease. let's not get into this, this is way too heavy. let's lighten it up a bit okay mate, here we go

    I know you did not mean to mock the afflicted. you would not do that being a senior member. that could jeopardise your chances of becoming a moderator. you just wanted to put your two cents worth in. where I come from we call this brown nosing. I do not know if you're familiar with the term brown nosing. obviously you saw your chance to have a go and gain yourself a bit of street cred well done mate I think he pulled it off
    I bet this time next week you will be a moderator congrats mate. all the very best and kind regards Paul

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    This thread has long since past served its usefulness. With that said I'm closing this thread to at least end the bickering in THIS thread.

    If however any of the other staff feels inclined to reopen it, by all means feel free to do so.
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