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Thread: Problem with installing bt3 usb on vmware.

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    Unhappy Problem with installing bt3 usb on vmware.

    I have a problem during the installation of BT3 [usb on vmware]
    I get to the ''Termina'' part.
    And after writing some commands, I get an Input/output error Check it out:
    root@debian:/mnt/cdrom# cp -R * /mnt/backtrack
    -->Then the errors start after that command<--
    cp: reading 'boot/isolinux.cfg': Input/output Error!
    And such more of those errors..!!!!

    I'am working on an Notebook (Laptop) Acer Aspire 7720G
    I checked few tutorials, and in no tutorial a window pops up, and asks for a keymap.
    -Select keymap from arch list
    -Keep kernel keymap
    -Select keymap from full list
    -Don't touch keymap
    It doesnt really matter what I choose, cause it always asks me for Language.
    I always choose British English [02]..
    Dont know what to do..
    If someone got a clue, help please..!!

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    Why not just download the prebuilt image?
    Of course, if you really wanted to have some fun, go to Wal-Mart late at night and ask the greeter if they could help you find trashbags, roll of carpet, rope, quicklime, clorox and a shovel. See if they give you any strange looks. --Streaker69

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    or follow my vmware install tutorial in the how-to section

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