Hey, im fairly new to Linux (also fairly interested) im having a problem, i've searched all over and havent really found an answer.

i'm using a dell inspiron 1521 with a built in BCM4311 and im using Backtrack2 because i had too much trouble getting bt3 to work. (i know about the bcm43xx issues)

heres the symptom:
the card seems to be compatible, i can put it into monitor mode and all, but when i airodump-ng all of the networks that show up are -1 pwr, including my own. it dosent matter how far or close i am to the router it stays at -1 for all networks. what does this mean and how can i fix it?

i got bt3 working just fine from usb drive (it wouldnt work from cd) but the problem persists only now instead of -1's the pwr level on all the networks is 0