Hi everyone, i bought a delock pcmcia to expresscard adapter in order to carry on using my old but valuable ubiquiti SRC.
Unfortunately, it doesn't work.
The strange thing is that it is recognized under windows xp, but not under linux, which was my platform of choice whenever i had to indentify unknown hardware.
First, my laptop (Packard Bell SB87) does not boot with adapter inserted during POST.
I have to wait the POST to be completed, and insert it when my multiboot menu is waiting for my choice.
Then when i am under windows xp, no problem, i insert the adpater and it's recognized as "pci bridge to standard pci", but under linux, no luck, nothing happens.
Nothing new under dmesg nor syslog, and nothing appears while doing lspci nor lshw.
And since i don't use windows for pentesting, this crap adapter is pretty useless for me, i wasted 70 euros for that shit.
So beware mates, if you want to reuse your old PCMCIA hardware, read the specs carefully as some devices work only with 32-bits hardware, others only 16-bits and some of them work only with some kind of hardware like 3G cards but DON'T work with any 802.11 wireless cards.
Hope that post will avoid some people to waste money.